The Next Generation BMW 5 Series Could Look Like This
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This is what the next generation BMW 5 Series is going to look like when its released in 2017. Automotive guesswork artist and Photoshop expert  who goes by the name Remco has rendered a tasty looking production ready concept. Will the 5 Series follow the design language of the 7-Series and the recently face-lifted 3-Series? It could. With Mercedes working flat out to ready the new generation E Class for 2016, with the new generation Jaguar XF out on the market and the Audi A6 to contend with the 5 Series still doesn’t have much too worry about. Even today the 5 Series is the premium luxury mid-sized saloon of choice and if the next generation looks sleeker then it looks like that coveted sales territory will not be vanquished to its rivals any time soon. The next generation 5 Series is expected to using a new Aluminum, carbon fibre, high strength steel architecture which will also underpin all other next generation BMW models. Weight saving gains of 180kg are expected. Weight saving measures not only improve mpg figures but less unloaded mass means better stright-line performance and handling dynamics. The next generation 5 Series will carry over a similar engine line up so expect straight-six engines, the odd M powered derivative and even a 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine. Be prepared to expect a plugin-hybrid version and quite possibly an all electric 5 Series Tesla rival.  BMW-5-Series-Next-Generation
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