Volkswagen’s Turn To The Darkside Unravelled
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Its been a good few weeks since news emerged of Volkswagen cheating emission’s regulators around the world. Facing an enormous recall, enormous fines and even bigger legal fines from hacked-off consumers it seems the bad news day never seems to end for Volkswagen. And many say it shouldn’t, cheating on emission’s tests in order to outsell rivals meant VW had a seemingly never ending sales boom over the last decade while polluting the hell out of the planet. All of those gains are now in reverse as the self-inflicted wound becomes ever more infectious. Globally VW is facing a recall of 11 million of its cars, all brands within its portfolio are affected, that may well include Porsche. Volkswagen will have to re-programme the software, the so called ‘defeat-device’ in order to undo the damage to its reputation. It seems Volkswagen’s management is doing all it can to unravel why it took such a catastrophic decision to cheat. What we know so far is that former CEO Martin Winterkorn set difficult goals to the engineers in the desire to meet and exceed CO2 emissions targets. Winterkorn is said to have ordered his engineers to reduce CO2 emission’s by 30 percent over a period from 2012 to 2015. Many of these engineers were so fearful of Winterkorn’s autocratic management style that they simply decided to cheat. Whether VW’s senior management knew of the engineers plan to make this defeat-device is unknown because they have denied it. It is impossible to rule out that senior management never knew anything. After all an autocratic management style knows every detail. The bottom line is that VW’s new CEO, Matthias Mueller, is prepared to throw a group of engineers to the EU legislatory dogs and any other pack of legislatory dogs around the world for that matter. The engineers and technicians in question were reported to be fearful of loosing their jobs if they did not meet the targets set by Winterkorn. New VW CEO, Muller, wants to define a more collaborative and transparent era at VW. It doesn’t help when he is prepared to feed his engineer’s to the dogs. Meanwhile VW has seen its share price fall by 40 percent. Sales in the UK have fallen by 10 percent during September. Overseas territories such as South Korea saw VW sales fall by nearly 50 percent in October compared to a year ago. One of VW’s investors, Scandinavian fund manager Nordea, is said to be taking legal action. Reports of how VW engineers rigged C02 tests have come to light. In some cases engineers mixed motor oil with diesel to make cars use less fuel. This practice was reportedly first used in 2013 until news of the scandal began to emerged in Spring this year.  VW-Death-Star-Emissions
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