Hamilton Slams ‘Golden Child’ Rosberg
Formula One
With a third drivers world title in the bag Lewis Hamilton has been quick off the mark to publicly denounce his team mate, describing Nico Rosberg as a “golden child” who had the “best of everything”. In fact Hamilton wasn’t crticising Rosberg, the banner headlines are purposefully misleading because it’s a slow news day. Hamilton was speaking to British chat show host Jonathan Woss and talked about the inter-team rivalry during their karting days. “When I was 13 I went racing in Italy and when I got there he was the golden child. He would arrive in a helicopter and have the best of everything”. Hamilton continued “after our first race together, he was leading it the whole way and l was behind him and then overtook him on the last lap. But we became friends”. Hamilton admitted that there has been constant “friction” during the 2015 season as he sailed away with his third drivers title while Rosberg battled to stay in touch. However Hamilton gave a Nico a chat show ultimatum saying “there’s only room for one number one”. Watch the video below to see what he actually said and never believe what you read. We apologise for the Scouse at the end of the clip. If you don’t know what a Scouse is then its best we don’t explain.
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