Look-a-Likes: Volvo XC90 vs Kia Telluride Concept
One is a Volvo SUV the other is a Kia concept SUV. One is classified as a mid-sized SUV the other is classified as a concept SUV in waiting, both offer a third row of seats and both fall into the luxury SUV market. One is for real the other is not the deal a concept if you will and both look similar, that is to say they share remarkably similar exterior design languages. Because we do not have the requisite ability to articulate much about design or automotive styling our limited vocabulary and lack of depth allows us only to say it looks rather nice, it looks hideous, it looks the same. While we acknowledge this is not award winning journalism we have one thing to say to our three critics (its actually one) we are not journalists here at DCB Towers. We’re more like bedraggled scavengers with dirty and ripped clothing, long unwashed hair, long dirty nails and remarkably yellow teeth with overgrown, heavy beards. And if you see this website from our perspective you will realise that we will never win awards because we think awards are pointless, like the people who attend them. So the Kia Telluride concept is a luxury SUV Kia would like to build one day. One day we’ll be living in the clouds in cities floating in the sky. Or you could actually get a the Kia Telluride right now, we know it as the XC90, Volvo’s head turning luxury SUV that actually is luxurious. We think someone at Kia should have tapped the designer on the shoulder, then tapped the model makers on the shoulder, then tapped the marketing department on their collective shoulders and someone should have shouted “XC90!”. Concept or not the Kia Telluride SUV looks a little too similar to the Volvo XC90, so why wait until Kia actually do something? Just buy the XC90 now.  Volvo-XC90-vs-Kia-Telluride-Concept
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