F1 2016 Pre-Season Car Launch Schedule
Formula One
Formula 1 goes into its annual winter slumber between the months of November until March. The first race of the season is scheduled to kick of in Australia on March 20th. F1 teams do not go into hibernation during these winter months. Some design next year’s car during the season, other teams wait until the last race before beginning the design process for the next campaign. Before the first race kicks off pre-season testing will take place at Spain’s Circuit De Catalunya, Barcelona. Pre-Season testing has become highly restricted and significantly reduced over the last ten years. It’s usually the case that if you begin testing first you gain an advantage but with two test dates available before the first race it now boils down to who can get in as many miles as possible over your fellow competitors. It’s highly likely Mercedes will carry over the huge performance advantage they enjoyed last year with Ferrari making progress, but maybe not enough to mount a serious challenge. Once a single F1 team becomes dominant it usually takes at least 4-5 seasons before rival teams catch up. So it seems Hamilton and Rosberg will enjoy at least two more seasons at least of unlimited power. Maybe Ferrari will have made significant progress or maybe not. No one will really be able to tell until the first race of the season ends. Before pre-season testing begins F1 teams will launch their cars in the latter part of February.

F1 Car Launches 2016

Ferrari – 18/19 February (unconfirmed) Haas – 21 February Force India – TBC Renault – TBC McLaren – 21 February Mercedes – TBC Red Bull – TBC Sauber – 1 March Toro Rosso – TBC Williams – 22 February Manor – TBC

Pre-season Testing Schedule

Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona – 22-25 February Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona – 1-4 March  F1-Winter-Testing-Kitzbuhel
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