Jaguar Land Rover Is The UK’s Biggest Auto Manufacturer
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Jaguar Land Rover has reason to celebrate, business is booming, for Land Rover at least. After years of uncertain progress under Ford JLR can finally leave the past behind and high-five it’s future with its current owners Tata Motors. In 2015 Land Rover made more cars than any other UK-based car manufacturer to become the biggest carmaker by vehicle production.

Production increased by 9 percent to total 489,923 units surpassing Nissan which actually saw production fall by 7 percent to 476,589 units according to data released by the Motor Manufacturers Trade Society (SMMT).

Mini, Toyota, Honda and Vauxhall followed respectively in the production output rankings. It was a very good year for car production in the UK during 2015 which saw an 3.9 percent overall increase. The total amounted to 1,587,677 cars manufactured.

Jaguar’s contribution amounted to just under a third of overall vehicle production. Demand globally for JLR rose by 24 percent, the US and Europe saw gains that offset the fall in demand in China.

JLR will open its first-ever foreign-based production facility in Brazil and by 2018 another production facility in Slovakia will be ready to contribute to an 850k production target by 2020.

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