Mercedes E Class GT Looks Like A Disaster, A Total Disaster
Our friend and conceptual-photoshop renderer has come up with an idea we hope never see’s the light of day, a GT version of the new E Class. While we can’t fault Theo’s rendering skills we can point a fault at the GT saloon class. The BMW 5 Series GT is a true styling disaster and you only buy one because you have no sense of style. Curiously BMW is keen to keep the 5 Series GT in production, companies only keep a model in production if it is selling well. So that begs the question, is the 5 Series GT really selling well at all? No is the answer. During 2011 BMW sold  just 720 units in the US between January and April. Mercedes-E-Class-GT-Rear The last sales figures we could find were for 2013 when BMW recorded worldwide sales figures of 21,089, around 5.7 percent of the 370k 5 Series sold worldwide that year. So that begs another question, why is the 5 Series GT selling so badly? The answer is simple. A lack of style. And if Mercedes were to get some inspiration from Theophilus Chin and put the e Class GT into production then it wouldn’t sell the reason? A lack of style. No stats needed, style is a better indicator then any graph or focus group will ever yield. Be warned Mercedes… be warned.  Mercedes-E-Class-GT-Front
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