Bugatti Vision Concept Looks Insane But Sounds Like A Tractor
There is no doubt that the Bugatti Vision Concept looks insane, and quite possibly previews the look of the next generation Bugatti Veyron. This amatuer footage caught the Vision concept off-guard at the Paris Concept Car Show as it was heard being started up and driven to another location close by. There is a reason why the Bugatti Vision Concept is a concept and you only need to hear it to know why it is so. The concept was created for the PS4 Gran Turismo video game. Initially it was going to remain a digital only concept until Bugatti built a full scale car. If you think the concept can reach 280mph then let us bring you back down to reality. Its seems the engine used for the show car is just for show because it sounds like a tractor. If you have ever heard a real Bugatti close up then you will know it’s quieter than you expect. So the engine in the Vision Concept has one purpose, simply to propel the car at crawl speeds and thats it. No tuned up exhaust, engine note, fancy electronics just what appears to a tractor engine.  Bugatti-Vision-Concept-Start-Up-Sound
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