Drivers Shouldn’t Be Meddling With F1 Rule Making Process Says Hamilton
Formula One
Lewis Hamilton has waded into the debate raised by the Grand Prix Drivers Association by saying he doesn’t want to get involved in any public debating society or to lecture F1 on how it should be run. The GPDA which represents F1 drivers is led by Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and former F1 driver Alex Wurz who acts as Chairman. The trio called for an overhaul of how the sport is run and its decision making processes. The GPDA believes that F1 is governed by an obsolete and ill structured rule making process and that a majority of the drivers were concerned for the future of the sport. However Hamilton believes that the GPDA is dominated by Sebastian Vettel and refuses to participate in the group. Hamilton also believes that the drivers shouldn’t be involved in any negotiations concerning the governance of F1. “It’s not our job to come up with ideas and we all have different opinions anyway.” said Hamilton in a recent interview. Proposed changes for next season will try to make the cars faster but Hamilton believes this is a mistake. “I think we need more mechanical grip and less aero wake coming off the back of the cars so we can get close and overtake.” said Hamilton. Speaking ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix Hamilton revealed he was in confident mood going into this weekends race. “I have a good feeling about my pace. I was ahead all weekend until the race start last time out (Australia), so I’m confident heading to Bahrain.” Hamilton also believes Ferrari will prove to be more competitive this year but that he was looking forward to the challenge. “There are going to be weekends where we’re a few seconds up the road from Ferrari, races where it’s wheel to wheel and races where they might be ahead,” said Hamilton. “We really don’t know – and that’s exciting.”  Lewis-Hamilton-GPDA-Comments
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