Mercedes Accused Of ‘Defeat Device’ Practice By US Law Suit
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And so it begins, Volkswagen hit the headlines by using so called defeat devices which were used to de-fraud emissions regulations testing and now Mercedes have been accused of doing exactly the same. Suspicious owners of Mercedes vehicles have now launched a class action  law suit claiming that Mercedes also have defeat devices fitted to . According to the law suit, filed by Hagens Berman, latest testing showed that while Mercedes BlueTech branded cars passed emissions tests under laboratory conditions the same vehicles failed when tested in real world conditions, i.e. on the open road. Mercedes hit back by releasing a statement “We consider this class action lawsuit to be unfounded. Our position remains unchanged: A component that inadmissibly reduces emissions is not used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.” However Hagens Berman retorted “The fact that Mercedes passed the dynamometer test in all tests, but failed the real world test, is suggestive that like VW, Mercedes is implementing a ‘defeat device’,” The lawsuit accuses Mercedes of knowingly using defeat devices to emit excessive and illegal amounts of nitrogen oxide for it’s range of deisel engines. The BlueTec systems is like a filter that is designed to capture Nitrogen Oxide which is produced during combustion. Nitrogen Oxide is a colourless gas, a so called free radical chemical compound which reacts with oxygen in the air to produce ozone and is said to aggravate cardio-vascular conditions such as asthma. When dissolved in water nitrogen oxide can eventually form into nitric acid. Or acid rain. The US Environmental Protection Agency has yet to open a formal investigation but has requested more information from Mercedes.  Mercede-Defeat-Device-Lawsuit-Opened
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