Tesla Pick-Up Truck Should Never See The Light of Day
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Thanks to the zen master of Photoshop manipulation, Theophilus Chin, we are able to visualise future car concepts. Therefore we avoid the drip, drip news cycle of automotive press departments releasing teaser shots… of a headlight LED, laser cluster thing.

It is fair to say that some concepts work and some don’t. It is also fair to say that Chin’s rendering of the Model S as a pick up truck, which as usual is faultless technically, doesn’t work as a concept.

That’s not Chin’s fault, it’s the consumers. Yes you the consumer, all of you are responsible for the rise in popularity of the pick-up truck and theSUV.

Lets hope that Tesla doesn’t make an all electric Pick Up any time soon. Realistically it won’t happen it’s all about the power to weight ratio and a Tesla Pick Up Truck’s battery power might be humiliated as a result.

Meanwhile the new entry level Model 3 has seen 400,000 people put down a $1,000 pre-order deposit and not one car has been built just yet. That’s $400 million dollars for Tesla to play with. Happy days.

That makes the Model 3 the most successful electric car of all time… potentially. Read it and weep Neesan, read it and weep.

You see Tesla might struggle to meet that demand as it set a 400k production target for 2020. Even then Tesla may well have thought it was ever unlikely to reach those lofty targets, but it has albeit as 400k pre-orders.

That means some customers will have to wait a few years until they get their bright shiny new Model 3. And will Tesla rush the quality control to satisfy demand quick enough. We shall have to wait and see.

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