Vettel Backtracks On Chinese GP Bust Up With Kvyat
Formula One
Sebastian Vettel was left fuming after the first lap incident at the Chinese Grand Prix immediately after the Red Bull of Daniil Kvyat caused the Ferrari driver to take evasive action in order to avoid a collision. The problem was Vettel did collide… with his team mate, Kimi Raikkonen. This left Raikkonen out of sync and playing catch up for the remainder of the race while Vettel drove on to secure second place. Vettel was shy to let Kvyat know exactly what he thought right after the race and vented his feelings to his team over the radio. As fate would have Kvyat finished Third and Vettel was quick to pour scorn over the Red Bull driver whom he believed to be in the wrong. Kvyat had to face the music at the parc ferme, the drivers winners enclosure and on the podium. However as the weekend dust has settled Vettel has had time to reflect and has now stated that the collision was indeed just one of those’racing incidents’. During a recent interview Vettel said “What happened at the first lap, in the end, is a racing incident. From my side I didn’t really know where to go, I was sandwiched between Kimi and Daniil”. “Obviously I am terribly sorry for what has happened, I mean touching the car with the same colours is not right. It was a shame, because it destroyed both of our races, Kimi’s and mine.” “initially. I was determined to overtake Kimi. Daniil was determined to overtake me. Kimi came back from the left, Kvyat came from the back from the right and I was reacting to him”. “I tried to back out of it, going off throttle and hitting the brakes, but there was no way, so I had contact with Kimi which is a shame, the car was damaged after that, but obviously a great recovery by the Team, which managed to stay calm initially and then change the nose while the safety car was out”. Sounds like Vettel was just as aggressive as Kvyat and is trying to justify his actions to appease his team mate, and the Ferrari team which includes senior management. As the old saying goes, the more you complain the more guilty you are.    Sebastian-Vettel-China-2016-Podium-Celebration
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