Fifth Gear Dies A Slow Painful Death
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Everything has a shelf life even life itself but in the TV industry the term ‘shelf-life’ is measured in ratings and popularity. This website lacks any of these pre-requisite qualities so DCB’s self-life is always constantly on the edge of collapse. That’s how we rock-and-roll. But it seems the shelf life for the UK TV motoring show, Fifth Gear, has expired. Fifth Gear was the crumbs left over from the original run of Top Gear. When the BBC decided to cancel a Clarkson-less Top Gear in 2002 the UK TV station, Channel Five, became home to Fifth Gear. Fifth Gear was watchable but dreadful and over the years it declined into irrelevancy most probably because Jeremy Clarkson’s second stint as Top Gear host from 2003-2015 became a global TV hit. As a UK viewer, Fifth Gear was literally like watching paint dry. And of course I could go on about the presenters some of whom who had personalities that were equivalent to plasterboards. No a plasterboard had more personality, I think they call it charisma, which most of the presenters lacked. The only presenter of note was Tiff Needell and it was he who confirmed the demise of Fifth Gear via his Twitter feed.

No!! Fifth Gear is finding it hard to get re-commissioned … 

Trying to get a TV show re-commissioned is basically saying Fifth Gear doesn’t generate a big enough TV audience to entice advertisers to prop up the show. Fans say that the show actually covered proper cars reviews whereas Top Gear became an entertainment show based around the personalities of Clarkson, Hammond and May. Fifth Gear probably faced another hurdle, the rise in digital cars shows on YouTube and so on. The TV landscape has change considerably in the last 5 years. A new breed of younger more web and social literate vloggers have taken over where Fifth Gear didn’t dare to venture. In addition viewing habits are shifting away from traditional TV stations to the digital landscape. Fifth Gear was cancelled by Channel 5 in 2009 and re-booted yet again but this time it’s terminal. You normally don’t get a second chance in TV land, or a third but a fourth chance? We can honestly say that DCB had no imprint on the demise of Fifth Gear. We really wish we did at least we would be known about, we’re not even infamous.  Fifth-Gear-Dies
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