Skoda’s New Large SUV To Be Named After Large Alsakan Bear
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Skoda have done the mid-sized SUV and want to move onto bigger things and bigger things mean that you really offer bigger things. So naturally the mid-sized Yeti will be joined by a larger SUV and although Skoda have yet to reveal what it will look like they have at least revealed it’s name. The Skoda Kodiaq. The Kodiaq is named after the largest recognised sub-species of brown bear that is only found in the Kodiak Archipelago in south-west Alaska. The Kodiak Bear can grow up to 8ft in length and typically average between 300 and 600kg, some males Kodiaq bears have been recorded as weighing up to 750kg. So the Kodiaq is a huge wild bear, Skoda’s Kodiaq SUV will be equally as huge, 4700mm in length. Skoda-Kodiaq-This-Is-A-Dailycarblog-Image-Fool The seven seat SUV is expected to hit retail in European territories first at the start of 2017. Skoda have given a hint of what the Kodiaq will look like but only in concept form as seen with the Vision S  concept. German media has suggested a retail price starting at 24,000 euros which is expected to undercut rival SUVs such as the Neesan X-Trail and Hyundai Santa Fe. The Kodiaq will be built upon the same platform used by the Skoda Superb and will be built in the Czech Republic. Skoda will reveal the Kodiaq at the 2016 Paris Motorshow.  Skoda-Kodiaq-Kodiak-Bear-SUV
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