Someone Just Created A Fan Made Star Wars Intro In The Style of James Bond
Yes the two movie franchises Star Wars and James Bond are as far removed from one as each is set in another galaxy but this story didn’t happen a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It happened in a video editing suite courtesy of Kurt Rauffer, a freelance motion/interactive designer from New York, US of A. Rauffer is also a graduate of the School of Visual Arts and this video formed part of his final year thesis and we like it a lot. Although we are disciplined at remaining content relevant on the subject matter of cars, four wheels or even a wheel a barrow, nothing can ever rule out Star Wars subject matter. And anyway what better way than to use up a slow news cycle than to give this our personal thumbs up. Rauffer was inspired to make the intro after he watched the Empire Strikes Back and using his artistic instincts came up with the idea of Star Wars / James Bond theme. Rauffer also uses Radiohead’s rejected intro music for the last James Bond movie Spectre, it’s open to question if it is better than Sam Smith’s ‘writing on the wall’. Ermm it is methinks.  Star-Wars-Empire-Strikes-Back-James-Bond-Style-Montage
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