Honda And Ferrari Upgrade Engines For Canadian Grand Prix
Formula One
Honda and Ferrari are playing catch up in the horspower stakes and have decided that they need a power boost for the Canadian Grand Prix. Red Bull made use of their Renault power engine upgrades at Monaco which saw Ferrari slide down the power rankings and allowed them to close the gap with the Mercedes team. Formula One rules regarding in-season engine development are governed by tokens. Each team has around 13 tokens which they can spend on developing the engine. The rules dictate that the engine is divided up into 66 parts and engine manufactures can only develop around 32 of the 66 parts. Honda have spent two of their remaining tokens by updating the turbocharger unit to improve the harvesting efficiency of the hybrid powerplant. Meanwhile Ferrari spent two of its engine tokens and like Honda the updates are focused around the Turbocharger. However while Honda have 12 tokens remaining for the rest of the season Ferrari has spent more meaning it only has 4 tokens left for the remainder of the season. Ferrari’s engine update is specifically catered towards Canadian GP which is traditionally seen as a power circuit. Ferrari have also revised the rear suspension to tackle issues with the tyres not getting up to optimum operating temperature and therefore affecting grip levels. Ferrari F1 boss, Maurizio Arrivabene said “We know the problem is related to how our car works with the tyres. We have to work and solve this problem, because if we cannot start in the top positions then we face problems that should not be ours.” Mercedes and Red Bull will also head to Canada with engine upgrades. Canada will be a game changer for the championship if Red Bull can match Mercedes for power, but the odds are that Mercedes will still retain a significant advantage.  Honda-Ferrari-Engine-Upgrades-2016
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