Which Is Better, The Porsche 911 Turbo S or The Ferrari 488 GTB?
Whenever a motoring journalist slates a supercar for lacking practicality it really is a superficial, for the sake of column filling and superfluous statement. Since when has the blueprint for a supercar ever stated it has to be practical. That’s where the GT supercar comes into play, think Aston Martin DB11. If you are buying a supercar coupe then surely practicality is the last thing on your mind. Presumably you are wealthy enough to afford a Range Rover to give you that practicality boost. Nevertheless Auto Express still fall for the age old trap of, “it isn’t particularly practical” in reference to the Ferrari 488 GTB they tested. And despite the video title saying its a Ferrari vs Porsche test the two cars are never raced against the clock or on a track because it’s expensive to arrange. It may also be because either Ferrari or Porsche probably stipulated that one or the other not be raced against… one or the other in return for the press loan. So Auto Express chooses the least expensive option, and not wanting to offend either automotive party, have a jolly jaunt most probably around the Peak District region of the UK. So what this video is really about is two motoring journalists who will never be able to afford either the 911 Turbo S or 488 GTB tell us, the viewer, how good each model is. Still if you have gone off Top Gear you might enjoy this review and yes there will be no similes or analogies in sight. Which is a little bit like Donald Trump saying he wants to ban all English speaking people from ever speaking English again should he ever get elected to the rank of President of the US of A.  Porsche-911-Turbo-S-vs-Ferrari-488-GTB
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