If You Had The Money Why Should You Buy A Ferrari 488 Spider?

Ferrari is no doubt one of the most loved premium sports cars marques in the world. The Italian brand is famous for its range of stylish, high-performance coupes. But, it also has an equally popular array of roadsters too. One such example is the Ferrari 488 Spider.

The 488 is a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive, sports car that was introduced last year to replace the 458. Just imagine if you were in a position to buy a Ferrari roadster, why should you opt for the 488 Spider? Let’s take a look at what this car has to offer:

Forced induction: the new norm for Ferrari

In many ways, Ferrari hasn’t had much choice but to turbocharge the 488 Spider. EU emissions directives are stricter than ever these days. And lowering vehicular carbon emissions is a hot topic in most parts of the world outside of Europe. The trend with many car manufacturers is to offer turbocharged engine technology to by-pass these strict emissions laws.

Turbocharging is seen as a cost-effective way of increasing an engine’s efficiency. Let’s face it: the more air that goes into an engine, the less fuel it needs to burn. And, of course, there are lower exhaust emissions as the turbocharger uses exhaust gasses!

The engine that comes with the Ferrari 488 Spider is a 3.9 twin-turbo V8 petrol unit. It might not roar as hard as its naturally aspirated predecessor, the 458 Spider. But, it’s still sounds like a supernova being eaten by another supernova.


In fact, when you look at any of the super cars in Italy, the new 488 Spider is up there with the best. Ferrari promises a car that still sounds beefy but won’t melt the ice caps and will save the polar bears from drowning. 

As standard, the 488 Spiders’s engine produces a respectable 660 bhp. That’s actually 100hp more than the 458 Spider? Being ‘eco-friendly’ doesn’t mean you end up with less power! The car will go from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. It also has a top speed of 203 mph, perfect for blow drying your hair.

Ferrari says that the dual-clutch transmission shifts an astonishing 30% quicker than the 458 Spider. 

Perfect handling on the road, as always

Ferrari’s latest models all boast precision suspension and adaptive handling technology. The new 488 Spider is no exception to that rule; Though the 488 Spider has a improved handling setup from its predecessor however it still shares the same suspension geometry as it’s 488 coupe sibling.

And that means near handling perfection despite the fact that the retractable folding roof in addition to a bit of structural-bracing (to improve body rigidity) adds 50kg of weight.

The Ferrari 488 Spider also boasts the Side Slip Control 2 stability system. Another feature that helps with stability on the road is the 42:58 weight distribution. Thanks to its mid-engine setup, 42% of the weight is at the front. And, of course, 58% at the rear.

So, how should you drive the Ferrari 488 Spider for everyday driving? Well, the car has a plethora of driving “modes” that one can select. I would recommend leaving the car set to Sport mode.

For some track action, Race mode is the obvious choice. Disable the traction and stability control systems for maximum fun on the circuit!


From the outside, the Ferrari 488 Spider looks stunning, the interior looks stunning, and the engine is…wait for it… stunning. If you want a fast roadster, the new 488 Spider is the car for you but only if you can afford to stump up the £204,000 Ferrari are asking.

That’s £220,000 now post-Brexit.

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