LaFerrari Spider Looks Stonking
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We don’t get the whole fuss about convertible cars of any category, I mean why would you want to loose structural rigidity just so you can open the roof once every few weeks. The only person who found convertible automobiles of any use was Hitler… and probably the Pope. We’ve never been sold on the air-in-your-hair experience… However the new La Ferrari Spider has changed everything, it is nothing short of stunning. Chopping the roof off has probably made the LaFerrari look even better. Despite this official reveal there are minimal official details. Ferrari-LaFerrari-BEV What we do know is that the LaFerrari Spider retains the 6.2-litre naturally aspirated engine, combined with an electric motor this elevates total power up to 950bhp. Naturally this rear wheel drive demon accelerates from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds and the seven speed gearbox allows a top speed of 218mph to be reached. We also know  that Ferrari will give customers the option of going for a removable soft top or carbon fibre hard top. On top of that the LaFerrari’s aerodynamics have been fizzed up a little, probably scatter the air more efficiently so as not to disturb the occupants. No word on pricing or how many units will be built, but expect the order books to fill up by yesterday and also expect clients to pay what ever it takes.  Ferrari-LaFerrari-Shwing
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