Whoever Said A Lamborghini Is Tame Hasn’t Seen This
Video Imagine if you are at the heart of developing a Lamborghini, you spend night and day thinking about nothing else other than creating the best driving experience of any supercar around. Then you hand your many years of development over to the marketing division and the hope is the buyer will appreciate the engineering that has gone into making Aventador what it is. But in Russia people have a different attitude when it comes to supercar ownership, or do they? Russian’s are badly stereotyped in the West, typically by Western media. Such as Russian’s used to be oppressed under communism. Today under Putin Russia is quasi-nationalistic and loud and proud about it. From Football thugs to everyday racism Russia is not that different to a typical Western country. Even their supercar owing 1-percent have become too westernised as witnessed by this owner driving beyond his limits and managing to aquaplane his 4-wheel drive Aventador in the wet. It’s most probably the case that the tyres had insufficient tread to cope with the conditions. This was most probably caused by a day spent performing burnouts. God we miss the days of Communism whenever will they return.Russian-Spins-Lamborghini-On-Highway
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