Crappy Ford Fiesta Try’s To Kill A Ferrari At The Nurburgring
Whenever we are short of content ideas we can always rely on the Nurburgring to save our day, and yet again the ‘Ring’ has come to our rescue. This is the moment when a crappy Ford Fiesta driver nearly collides with a fast charging Ferrari 458 Italia. The crappy Fiesta initially makes way for traffic as the driver enters a left hand corner, one of many corners at the Nurburgring. It isn’t clear if the crappy Fiesta has an issue, because this is a crappy Ford we presume it has an crappy issue of some merit. However as the crappy Fiesta driver slowly apex’s the corner he doesn’t see the 458 Italia charging in fast and hard. At the last moment the Ferrari narrowly avoids collision by going onto the grass. It’s difficult to say who is at fault, certainly the Ferrari driver should have backed off, however if the crappy Fiesta had an issue, the idiot driver should have parked up safely. Not to be biased, we are Ferrari fans, but we blame, blame, blame the crappy Fiesta.. Which is being biased.  crappy-ford-vs-ferrari
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