Liquid Danger! What to Do When Your Car Is Leaking
All sorts of fluids could leak from your car. When you see strange moisture around or inside your car, it could mean several things. The color of the fluid can tell you what fluid is leaking – and how much danger that could signify. Looks kinda red… liquid-danger-transmission-fluid If it looks red, or a deep sort of pink, then it’s probably transmission fluid. One of the problems here is that transmission fluid can actually appear as different colors. These color changes, in themselves, actually indicate a problem with the transmission. This is a fairly serious one. You can still drive your car, technically, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Your gearbox could shut down and you could be left stranded. Look into transmission repair as soon as you can. Go to for more details. Looks kinda black… liquid-danger-oil-leak If you’ve got jet-black liquid leaking from your car, then you’ve probably got an engine oil leak. The term “oil leak” is known to strike fear in the heart of many a driver. But it’s not always as severe as it sounds. It doesn’t always result in a fire. It could just result in degraded seals if left ignored for too long. Still, the whole fire risk thing means you should get it checked out immediately. Sometimes, the fix can be something as simple as tightening a bolt. Read more about oil leaks at Looks like green slime… liquid-danger-coolant-leak That’s probably your coolant. It can also be yellow or even pink. Most of the time, it’s in that strange space between yellow and green. Either way, it looks like gross slime. If your coolant is leaking from the engine, then your engine isn’t going to have an easy time regulating its temperature! And considering how hot an engine gets when its in use, you’ll find that something can go wrong very quickly. I guess I could use the term “fire risk” again. Hopefully that will encourage you to get it checked out. There are generally three possible causes. Read about them over at Looks clear and slick liquid-danger-brake-fluid If it looks clear and slick – or maybe even a bit brown – then you’ve probably got a brake fluid leak. Of all the leaks I’ve mentioned thus far, this is the one that should be ringing the most alarm bells with you. With all the other leaks, you could feasibly take the car on a short trip and make it with you and your car in one piece. If your brake fluid is leaking, you can’t even afford to risk driving it to the repair shop even if it’s thirty seconds away. After all, something has gone wrong with your brakes. You may find yourself unable to stop the car. And I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that that is a deeply dangerous and unpleasant scenario. Read more about brake fluid leaks at Looks like water… liquid-danger-seized-engine In this case, it’s probably just water. This could mean that there’s a leak in your car’s radiator system. It could also mean that rainwater is getting trapped somewhere in your car and then dripping into the inside. It’s probably nothing to panic about. Still, uninvited water isn’t exactly the safest thing on the planet. Better get it checked out anyway!  liquid-danger-laurel-and-hardy
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