A Memorable Journey From London To Europe
A group of five excited motorcycle enthusiasts got the enviable opportunity of a fully sponsored trip from London to Europe- different parts of Italy that showcase the rich Italian culture that is globally renowned and appreciated. We picked the BMW K 1600 GL. This impressive model is fully flared and perfectly tailored for convenient long distance touring. It can ride for miles and miles without physically exhausting the rider. This is enabled by its powerful 1649cc engine; this high-performing engine is not only super smooth but also delivers outstanding torque of 160hp and 120 ib. Our sponsor We Buy Any Bike agreed with our choice and helped purchase 5 bikes that helped us painlessly tour through Europe. As loyal contributors to the we buy any bike website, we were given the opportunity to go on a motorbike tour from London to parts of  Italy that showcase the rich, diverse and vibrant culture of Italy. We buy bikes uses tours to provide motorbike enthusiasts information on how to navigate from the UK to different parts of Italy. It is equipped with knowledgeable and experienced valuation experts whose work is providing generous quotes and honest help to anyone looking to sell their motorbike. Our sponsors have steadily perfected their nationwide pickup service; they have an efficient collection method that is painless to the customers who are selling their bikes. london-to-europe-bike-trip-triumph-bonneville-c Packing was quite challenging; but the BMW comes with a user’s manual that makes loading the motorbike a breeze. We were excited about riding throughout Italy. We took the Eurotunnel from London to Calais and then proceeded to doing the longest single stretch of the journey to Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. We picked up the Moto trail which would take us the whole night to Alessandria in Northern Italy. We came across several scooters. Our first stop was the at picturesque location in the Caerano Di San Marco hills on the, this beautiful modestly sized hotel is an 18th century country house that offers a swimming, a large garden and table tennis set-up. london-to-europe-bike-trip-triumph-bonneville-b This is the perfect stop after a tiring journey that started on the Eurotunnel to the Amalfi Drive on a motorbike which is a great way to disappear and just float along the coast of the Mediterranean for miles and miles. The route we took to Italy took the stretch of the Amalfi coast between the southern Italian towns of Amalfi and Sorrento. This drive between the positano and the southern base of peninsula is about 80km and makes for some really exhilarating motorcycling. This route has several villages on the way to Amalfi that beg a quick stop including Furore that features a pretty intriguing bridge, paraiano and finally the globally renowned Grotta dello smeraldo. london-to-europe-bike-trip-triumph-bonneville-a After miles and miles of smoothly tarmac-ked roads you will get to the breathtaking Amalfi which is the heart of the region and a great place to spend a few hours swimming in the beautiful sea. After Amalfi your next stop is the Ravello where the Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone offers postcard views and a chance to relax before getting on with biking. We travelled in the summer therefore had a glimpse of the Ravello Festival that offers dance and music performances as well as beautiful art exhibits. The distance between Amalfi and Ravello is mere 6.8 Kilometers, the roads are exquisite and travelling down the east side is a spectacular sight; we enjoyed dramatic glimpse of orange lit castles in the distant hills and huge barges looming in the beautiful natural cover.  london-to-europe-bike-trip-triumph-bonneville-d
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