What You Need To Know About The Insignia VXR, Vauxhall’s Affordable Rocketship!
It’s no secret that Vauxhall is a car brand known for their extensive range of vehicles. Whether you need a small city car or a large van, there’s a model to suit everyone’s needs. One car, in particular, has become a flagship model for the Luton-based brand. The Insignia, a replacement for the Vectra model back in 2008, is a best-seller for the firm. But there’s one version of the Insignia that is unique, eye-catching and highly sought-after. I am, of course, talking about the Vauxhall Insignia VXR! As you may know, the ‘VXR’ moniker is the badge applied to Vauxhall’s high-powered cars. Here’s what you need to know about this spacious and powerful 155 MPH rocket ship that costs just over £30k: Under the bonnet You will no doubt be quite interested in what the Insignia VXR offers in terms of power. Under the bonnet of the Vauxhall Insignia VXR is a 2.8 V6 turbocharged engine. Yes, it’s a power plant available in some standard Insignia models. But here’s the thing: in the VXR, the power gets upgraded to an impressive 320 bhp and 435Nm of torque! It does 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds; not bad for a car that weighs 1.8 tonnes! And you already know it has a top speed of 155 mph, although it will do more as it’s electronically limited. From a fuel economy point of view, this is as frugal on fuel as an American muscle car. Of course, what did you expect? This is a high-performance vehicle; such cars don’t have much (if any) green credentials! It only boasts a fuel economy of 25 MPG combined, and it has high CO2 emissions of 255 g/km. If you wanted an Insignia that is kinder to the environment, the VXR isn’t for you. However, if you want a motorway stormer that is comfortable and refined, keep reading! Maintenance costs that aren’t out of this world Unlike some of the other exotic VXR models in the range, the Insignia is surprisingly easy to buy. Perhaps because Vauxhall anticipated more sales of this and the Corsa VXR? Who knows! You only need to look at sites like to easily find one for sale. Why is that important, I hear you ask? Well, a car that is available in big numbers means that maintenance costs are affordable. As I mentioned earlier, the VXR shares the same V6 Turbo engine as that found in other trims. Albeit this one got tuned for extra power. In fact, the engine also got used in other cars such as the Vectra and some Saab models. As you can imagine, parts are abundant and don’t cost the earth. VXR styling as standard One criticism that Vauxhall has from many of its fans is the lacklustre styling in its sporty models. Take a look at the Insignia SRi, for example. The only sporty thing about it are the alloy wheels. It doesn’t even come with a body kit or ‘exterior pack’ as standard. Such editions are rare but look great, by the way! Check out to see a few pics of a snazzy SRi. The styling on the Insignia VXR looks amazing, both outside and in. Sitting inside the car, the high-quality upholstery and stylish trim will impress everyone. If you’re after a high-performance family hatchback, this is the car for you! Want a smaller, more compact model? Check out the Corsa VXR instead!  vauxhall-insignia-vxr-action-shot
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