Randomly Stalling Engines Force Mercedes To Recall E300s Sold In The US
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With US regulators discovering yet another defeat device from within the stables of the VW empire, this time Audi is in the firing line, another German car brand is also facing a testing time. That is to say maybe this German brand should tested it’s cars more thoroughly before releasing them to market. This time it’s the turn of Mercedes, the new E Class E300 is being recalled in the US for the potential of the engine to randomly stall. A badly designed wiring loom located underneath the rear passenger seats leaves it especially sensitive to pressure which results in the engine to potentially stall/cut off. Mercedes have issued a recall of up to 6,858 E300 and E300 4MATIC vehicles built from Dec 10 to June 30 2016. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a statement saying that the wiring loom had the potential to damage the fuel-pump wiring. When pressure is applied by a person(s) sitting on the rear passenger seat it is enough to cut off the fuel pump, fuel gauge and fuel-tank pressure sensor. This will eventually lead to the engine being cut off. The engineering irregularity was detected by Mercedes in July 2016 just over one month after the car went on sale in the US. Although no problems have been reported Mercedes issued the recall as a matter of precaution and possibly to avoid the potential of any expensive litigation. Of the 6000+ E300s made only 3000 have actually been sold to US buyers. The recall and fix will of course be carried out for free. With Mercedes re-establishing itself as the number one luxury car brand to buy in the US this recall will probably not dent the marketing push too much. The news cycle is quick to forget and consumers are quicker to forget (unless it’s an Alfa Romeo) so it’s a short term embarrassment until that is a new recall is issued.  mercedes-e-class-recall-2016-e300
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