Safety First! The Safest Cars On The Market Today
It’s not a very cheery subject, but the risk of an accident, even if you get in a car for a short amount of time, is very high. Although, modern cars come equipped to deal with such issues. Car fixtures such as electronic stability programmes (ESP), anti-lock brakes (ABS) and ISOFIX car seat bases for children, are compulsory. There are other fixtures, like lane-departure warning systems and autonomous emergency braking (AEB). These do not need to be fitted by law, but these are now becoming more common. Safety needs to be a key component of any car, whether you are driving by yourself or with a family in tow. There aren’t any bulletproof cars on here, but these are some of the safest cars on the market. Alfa Romeo Giulia safe-cars-guillia With its side-impact protection, rigid passenger compartment and the seats which will minimize whiplash, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is one to beat. Other safety features include the autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane-departure warning systems, which are both standard. In addition, the Giulia is very stylish and fun to drive. It is a car to rival the BMW 3 Series. So if you want the most out of your car while being safe, this is one of the best out there. Volvo XC90 SUV safe-cars-volvo-xc90 This appeals for parent and child safety alike. The safety assist functions were high scorers in the Euro European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) assessment. This was the front runner before the Giulia. The car is a top scorer in the AEB and lane-departure warning systems. The car comes equipped with seatbelt reminders on all seven of its seats. It also has a speed limiter, which is aided by digital mapping and a camera to help you determine the speed limit and help you stay there. In terms of its useability, it has been a higher scorer than the Romeo. But as the cost of the car is so high, it is expected to be safer than the typical family cars. So while you really don’t want to get a mobile locksmith to break into your car and claim it back on the high insurance premium, it is one of the safest and comfortable cars you can buy today. Toyota Avensis safe-cars-avensis-the-worlds-most-boring-car   While the Avensis isn’t the most exciting of cars, its safety features more than makes up for its slightly dull sensibilities. In the side-impact testing, it always scores full marks. While there are driver’s knee airbags on top of your standard issue which is not as protective as you may think, it also provides protection in the AEB system, which is a real lifesaver. Toyota also provide a five year/100,000 mile warranty, which is very handy! Honda Jazz safe-cars-honda-jazz The smallest car here. This hatchback provides great protection. In terms of its side-impact and frontal-impact testing, it scored high marks with the Euro NCAP. The AEB is really good, but it is only designed to work at city speeds. A great choice for stop-start traffic, the Jazz is surprisingly spacious. With a 354-litre boot and lots of legroom in the back seats.  safe-cars-xc90
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