Don’t Get Caught Out On The Road: Three Items You Should Always Have In Your Car
Nothing feels quite as good as getting out on the open road and enjoying the freedom of being behind the wheel. Of course, nothing puts a downer on that faster than finding yourself stuck in your car in the middle of nowhere after a breakdown. Especially if you’re somewhere not particularly busy and there isn’t a car to help you for miles in either direction. When this happens, the last thing you want is to find yourself without something that you need. As the boy scouts always say, be prepared! If you’ve got the right supplies in your car then you’re much less likely to get stuck in real trouble for long periods of time, even if your car does break down. Here are a few things that you should always have in your car, no matter what. An old phone The only thing that can make breaking down worse is breaking down and then realizing that your phone is dead. It might seem like an unlikely coincidence but, trust me, it happens. That’s why having an old phone that you don’t use anymore in your car is such as a good idea.  As long as it’s charged, even a phone that has no sim card in it can be used to call any emergency services. This is particularly useful if you find yourself in a dangerous position or if your car seems like it’s making a particularly suspicious sound (or smell.) A jack All things considered, changing a tyre isn’t actually that difficult. Compared to some problems with your car, it’s positively easy! Unless, of course, you have no way of getting the wheel off the ground in the first place. A lot of cars do come with a jack built in, but that’s not a guarantee that yours will. Make sure to check to see if there is one, and if not, somewhere like is a great place to find sturdy, reliable jacks. Even if your care comes with a jack included, it might not be the best one available, it’s worth investing in a decent jack anyway, just to be safe. Jumper cables Again, getting your car started when it breaks down can sometimes be a pretty simple affair, particularly if it’s a battery problem. But you do need to make sure that you’ve got the right equipment. If you’re lucky enough to flag down a good Samaritan who’s agreed to give you a jump start, you can’t be sure that they will have jumper cables in their car. And, after all, you’re the one who needs the cables, not them! If your battery is dead, then having jumper cables and the kindness of a stranger can mean the difference between getting home in decent time and having to spend the night sleeping on your back seat curled up underneath your coat. And I think the choice between those two is pretty clear!  car-breakdown-italy-top-gear
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