BMW’s Car Of The Future: A Sculpture For The Next 100 Years

CES is a tech lover’s home. Every year, tech companies gather to show off their latest and greatest products. There’s everything from mobile phones to smart fridges. But, where do cars fit into this? Well, since cars have been getting more techy, they’ve solidified a place at this kind of event. Manufacturers, like BMW, have been pushing the limits of what cars can do through it. In the spirit of innovation, BMW have been showing off something extra special.

Something that’s so early in development that it’s being called a sculpture. But, what can this sculpture do?


A lot of car manufacturers are hedging their bets with self-driving cars, nowadays. This technology is just round the corner from being mainstream. And, so, any car of the future would have to include it. But, BMW intends to take this further. They want to develop a network of other manufacturers, who all pool together and share road information. Details about road closures and crashes can be really useful for a system designed to get you somewhere safely. And, BMW truly wants to capitalise on this. With their vision, every car on the road could be connected to each other, in the not so distant future.


This next feature would bring out the geek in anyone. Holographic buttons, which only the driver can see, are what you use to control the car when you’re driving it. Of course, you still have a steering wheel. But, you also need to control things like lights and the stereo. So, you need some buttons. Using a clever array of sensors and projectors, BMW has created a system that is truly groundbreaking. Buttons are projected into the air. When you press a button, sensors detect the touch, and sound waves are blasted at your finger. This creates the sensation of touching a real button, but in a car.


The entertainment in the sculpture is one of the truly amazing features. Each seat has it’s own speakers, which are designed to only be heard by the person in the seat. Along with this, there is a 4K display in the rear of the car, providing amazing entertainment for passengers. This sort of entertainment in a car has been almost unheard of up to now. And, none of it is dangerous, because the car will be driving itself most of the time, anyway.


Along with these features, BMW’s sculpture is packed with cool gadgets. But, what does this mean the future could hold? Well, soon, you could be staying at home while your car looks up a BWM service center like and drives itself there. Or, you could even ask your car to pick the kids up from school for you.

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what BMW is hoping for the future of their cars. Of course, every company has it’s own ideas. So, there’s going to be much more around the corner for tech-loving motorheads. Of course, this car isn’t even a concept yet. It’s more of a visual aid to help people imagine the future.

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