Look-A-Likes, BMW 5 Series vs BMW 5 Series
Remember when we were doing the Look-a-Like feature? Well we don’t run those stories every other week these days because they proved to be too popular. When something gets popular it’s best to quit before you peak, while you’re ahead, to leave the public wanting more. We can say without any irony that the Look-a-Like feature we did was and still is popular. (AHEM!) For one day only the look-a-like feature is back! Well it is and it isn’t, we saw this BMW vs BMW video and it’s a comprehensively boring corporate video about how great the 6th generation 5 Series is over the 5th gen. It’s a boring corporate comparison video about the worlds most boring looking saloon, the 6th generation and very boring looking BMW 5 Series. Still with great cinematography, slick editing and an important sounding voice over artist this comparison video still ends up being…. boring.  BMW-5-Series-vs-BMW-5-Series
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