Mercedes F1 Sign Valtteri Bottas On One Year Deal, So Who Do They Really Want In 2018?
Formula One
Valterri Bottas has replaced retired F1 champ Nico Rosberg at team Mercedes F1, the news isn’t surprising as it has been anticipated since last December. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the deal is that Bottas has accepted and signed a one-year contract with the option for an extension after 2017. But that seems highly unlikely and this deal seems more like a stop gap solution. Bottas is a seasoned pro, the 27 year old Finnish driver began his F1 career with Williams in 2013 having initially signed for the team as a test driver in 2010. He is fast, reliable and makes few mistakes during the race. But he isn’t in Rosberg’s league and neither does he possess the firepower to supplant Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg did a good job of keeping Hamilton honest on many occasions but to win the world championship he had to forego day to day life and focus 100 percent on driving. Hamilton naturally operates at a high level without breaking into a sweat, it’s a normal operating environment for him. Rosberg entered this territorial mindset for one season and won what will be his only drivers world championship. Clearly Rosberg doesn’t want to live his life solely focused around F1 and that is why he retired and nobody should take that right away from him. He earned his championship trophy for sure. So how will Bottas fare against Hamilton? He’ll have good days and some bad but Mercedes are used to their drivers being closely matched. So if Hamilton qualifies 1st Bottas has to be second. However with new rule changes for 2017 will Mercedes be the dominant team? No one can be sure which F1 team will come to the fore this season because of those rule changes. However engine regulations remain unchanged and Mercedes have the best, most powerful engine so as a general rule it is prudent to assume Mercedes F1 will again rise to the top. Signing Bottas on a one year deal is also a prudent step for Mercedes, but who are they really waiting for? Vettel possibly Alonso maybe even Max Verstappen. It is certainly not Bottas otherwise they would have signed him up on a longer term contract. When Rosberg retired he gave up around £30 million dollars, that’s money in the bank for Mercedes who will save it up for a big money signing in 2018. Maybe Vettel moving from Ferrari to Mercedes and Hamilton joining Ferrari. For now it’s all speculation.  Valtteri-Bottas-Mercedes-F1-2017-Driver
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