Prepare To Be Prepared For Your Next Epic Road Trip
The holidays are over, Christmas has gone and you can no longer think about having another bite of turkey without your stomach turning. Back at work, you are at your desk and in between the office banter you are already planing your next holiday destination. This time you are going to do something out of the box, you’re going to take a road trip across some-where’s-ville with never ending twisty roads, horses galloping in the fields, apple’s being picked and the sun in your face while you drive an open top car. But what happens when upon a sudden your car suffers an unexpected event, a breakdown, or tyre failure? What do you do?  How do you deal with unexpected car issues? By preparing to prepare that’s how. Battery spark-plug-explosion Car batteries may work for years unless you forget to switch off the lights and listen to music all night long. They usually keep up to five years, though occasional damage can occur to terminals and clamp connections due to regular heavy bumps or regular use on short routes. The function can be restored with charging using battery from another car. Nevertheless, it can be risky as batteries generate combustible gases and in rare cases can be ignited with a simple spark leading to explosion. Therefore, it would be smarter to call for assistance and let the technicians do the job. Alternator lethal-weapon-dailycarblog Alternators are used in cars to charge batteries and can wear as a car ages causing battery and starter problems. Symptoms may vary from dimming lights to speedometers and tachometers not working at all. In addition accessories like heated seats or car audio and warning lights may not work properly. Classic alternator issues relate to timing belts getting loose easily or damaged with excessive use. The timing belt might also cause the whining noise when aligned incorrectly and sometimes be accompanied with a smell of a burning rubber. Fuel problems marty-mcfly-dailycarblog Fuel problems can vary from drained fuel tanks and leaking pipes to damaged fuel filters, fuel pumps and injectors.  The fuel filter is critical for maintaining clean fuel, hence it must be replaced when necessary or cleaned if it contains a washable cover. Filter problems may disrupt engine start and cause sputtering at high speeds. Fuel pumps are used to pump fuel to the engine and can be heard when starting the car. Hence, if it is not working, the fuel pump might need replacement. Fuel injectors are used to let fuel into the engine through the timing of valves with the use of an electrical signal. While the fuel filter is used for cleaning fuel, over time tiny particles might wedge in the injectors and prevent it from delivering fuel to the engine. Thus by adding fuel system cleaners regularly fuel injectors can be kept clean. Spark plugs  88-mph-dailycarblog Spark plugs provide the spark needed to ignite a mixture of air and fuel within the cylinders. Continuous explosions keep the cylinders working, if not checked regularly problems may arise in the engine. Issues may vary, the car might not start due to worn spark plug or damaged plugs might cause the battery to drain. Engine misfire can be another issue, causing one of the cylinders to work improperly. Other causes may be high fuel consumption and the lack of acceleration. Lock out smashimg-a-car-window-prank-dailycarblog Breaking the car key or leaving it inside can be a very obvious problem on so many levels. Having an extra key is essential, though there are circumstances that one might be short of keys in the middle of nowhere and need professional help will be required. While smashing the window is easy it’s also costly and time consuming to replace. Contacting a reputable locksmith like Car Locksmith would be a wise decision, car keys can be changed or extracted based on the circumstances.  
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