How To Train Your Kia Optima To Get Airborne & Crash Spectacularly
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just another day somewhere in jerk water USA although this is no ordinary day at least not for the owner of this Kia Optima which becomes airborne and crash lands into the car park of car repair shop. The owner of the Kia escapes uninjured and is able to walk away fresh as a daisy. The Repair shop in question resides next to a busy highway exit, drivers have to navigate a sharp left hand turn in. Looks like the Kia driver took too much speed  and paid for his lack of skills and overall lack of self awareness. Fortunately no one was outside at the time of the reckless crash. The repair shop owner says that this is the 8th crash in as many years.  Kia-Optima-Crash-Pensylvania
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