Edd China Tells New Wheeler Dealers Producers To Fuck Off & So Does He

Edd China the mechanic who has fronted the hugely popular TV series Wheeler Dealers has decided to leave the show after 13 years at the helm. New American owners of the production company that makes W D wanted to reduce the amount of time spent in the work shop to save money. It appears Edd China didn’t want to participate in the ‘Disneyfication’ of the show.

We would tend to agree, the best parts (no pun intended) have always been watching Edd repairing the off-cuts co-presenter Mike Brewer brought back to the workshop.

Edd’s knowledge and helpful tips has inspired literally millions across the globe, the program is syndicated to over 200 territories worldwide and watched by a total of 700 million people.

Of course we would like to say that Edd didn’t tell his Producers to ‘fuck off’ we created the banner headlines for impact and potential click baiting. These tactics very rarely work and are short lived.

Indeed Edd was his usual gentlemanly self and eloquently detailed why he decided to leave the show he helped build into the comfort food of car repair shows.

If he ever needs a new job we know of a greasy mobile cafe down the road from us who would welcome Edd with greasy open hands.

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