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6 Ways to Know If It’s Time to Junk Your Car

Junk Car Medics asks the question, how do you know if you should junk your car and not repair it? There are a lot of factors to consider before you make the choice to junk your car, so don’t take the decision lightly. Ensure you choose what is best for you emotionally and financially before you call the junkyard or take your car to the body shop. Take a look at these 6 points to consider and help you decide if you should junk your car or repair it. 

The Cost to Fix the Car

If the cost to repair your vehicle is more than it’s value, it’s a clear sign that the time has come to junk your car.  This may be the case if you have an older car or have been in an accident that caused a lot of damage and insurance will not repair.

The Cars Running Condition

If the car doesn’t run that makes the decision pretty easy. You can go to great lengths to revive the car, from changing fluids to installing a clean fuel filter to inspecting the carburetor in hopes of finding some answers and getting the car running again.  Junk Car Medics says, if you don’t want to do those things or have already tried to no avoid, it’s time to say goodbye to your old car.  You can easily find junk car buyers who can pay you cash for your junk car.

The Cars Body Condition

Take a look at your car’s condition. If it is rusted out, has major dents and paint flaws, or is damaged in anyway it’s probably time to junk it. Keep in mind that a vehicle’s body typically lasts around 20 years. There are instances you may not see rust on the car’s frame, but it may be rusting in less obvious spots.  Often the fuel lines, brake lines, and other interior parts of the car decay.

The Cars Usefulness to You

If your car is running but has a lot of miles, it’s time to ask yourself, does your vehicle fit with your lifestyle? If you have a small car and need one that offers more space, it may help you make your decision.  Think about the replacement possibilities and whether or not you can junk your car and get one that is a step up and better fits your needs.

The Cars Safety

Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us the older a car is, the more likely its driver will not survive a crash. Think about your car; do the air bags work (if you have air bags)? Consider the state of the tires, brakes and seatbelts.  If your car isn’t safe, it makes it a little easier to part with the car and opt to get a newer vehicle instead.

The Cars Repair History

Think about the other work you’ve done on your car.  Have you had to do work on the engine or transmission? If you haven’t yet, you probably will soon.  These are costly and inevitable repairs, so consider the likely costs coming your way as you make your decision whether or not to junk your car.

If your vehicle is so old or damaged it makes more financial sense to junk it and sell its parts than repair it, it’s time to let it go.  Contact your local junkyard and ask how to prepare your car, the title and registration requirements, and any costs to you.  Then you can decide if you want the help of junk car buyers or would rather dismantle your vehicle and sell its parts yourself.

The post was written by Alyssa and hosted by DCB, Alyssa writes for Junk Car Medics, a service that pays cash for cars across America. You can learn more about Junk Car Medics on Facebook and Twitter.


Junk Car Medics, dailycarblog.com
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