Testing The Ferrari 488 Spider, All In A Days Work For Motor Trend
Video If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a motoring journalist then imagine driving your car to work and getting paid to do just that. For that is what motoring journalism is all about, sure you have to be exceptionally good at writing and talking concisely. Being a motoring journalist is a difficult profession because you have deal with Chuzwuzzers like Martine Varrall, once you are accepted you just kick back relax and… drive cars. That’s why many motoring hacks work into their early 70’s, you won’t see me doing this until I am 70, I like cars but there is more to life than just reviewing cars. I may well have departed this show by the end of the year and when I do I will be able to put my feet up watch other people reviewing without offering yet another useless opinion that no one hears. But I will never watch the ego maniac Rory Reid on Top Gear because I think he ha latent narcissist tendencies and will have two to three years at most fronting Top Gear. What has Reid got to do with this post when it should be about The Ferrari 488 Spider? I really can’t say. Its probably time I saw a psychiatrist.  Motor-Trend-Ferrari-488-GTB-pider-Review-Dailycarblog
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