The Secret To Driving In The Snow Is…
https://youtu.be/zng1NnE75Vo There is a secret to driving in the snow and its fairly simples, step one; don’t apply too much pressure on the brake peddle. A gentle application is all you need. The secret to driving safely in the snow is to use a combination of gentle braking and engine braking to assist the slowing down process. Use about 80 percent more engine braking if you can, but even in regions with harsh snow fall using these techniques may not be enough. We reckon the driver who spun on an untreated section of a snow laden road sme where in jerk water Europe did so because he was simply driving too fast and basically ‘aquaplaned’ over the surface. So the real secret when driving in the snow is… don’t be a stupid head.  Dancing-On-Thin-Ice
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