Car Broke? Don’t Be the Same Way – Sell It!
A surprising number of us have been stuck for a long time with cars that barely function anymore. This situation often comes about because we assume that we can’t sell a car if it doesn’t really seem fit for purpose. They become seen as worthless heaps of junk that do nothing but waste space in the road or on our driveways. So what solution makes the most sense? Most of the time, it makes sense to eventually get it sent to the scrapyard. But when you send a non-working (or barely working) car to the scrap heap, you could be losing out on a surprisingly good amount of money. Because it is actually very much possible to sell a car in this state. You won’t, of course, get quite as much value from it as you would if it were functioning at full capacity. And you may have to invest a little more time and money into the endeavor. But making a bit of cash has got to be better than sending what could be a pretty useful vehicle to the metal graveyard, surely? Car-Broke-Rusty Here’s a quick guide to making sure you can sell off that car! Sell it to a crusher Car-Broke-Superman-III-Car-Crusher There are plenty of scrapyards out there that will happily take and crush your car without actually paying you. That’s because a lot of people don’t know that there are scrapyards out there that actually pay people for their junk cars! Of course, you may want to ensure that the car is definitely beyond saving, something we’ll look into a little more in the next few sections. But if the car is definitely unsalvageable, you might want to sell it to a junk car no title company. Don’t just drop it off at some undiscerning scrapyard without seeing if you can make some money from the crushing process first! Sell it to a mechanic Car-Broke-Mechanic This is often the first option that people consider. The reason for this is because a mechanic is usually who confirms that the vehicle is actually broken! And if the business has the funds, then the mechanic may offer straight-up to purchase the vehicle. This may occur if the garage really wants some specific parts from your car. It’s usually not a case of them wanting to fix it up and sell it on, because at that point it wouldn’t make much commercial sense. This can be a simple and profitable way to go about it, but make sure you get a second opinion about the car’s health as well as its value! Don’t just sell it on right away, assuming that the mechanic isn’t simply swindling you. Find enthusiasts who buy broken cars Car-Broke-Enthusiast While it may sound odd to you, there are plenty of people out there who buy broken cars and fix them up or modify them as a hobby. (Although, to be honest, that probably doesn’t sound that odd to most of our readers!) A car that’s out of shape might not be very useful to you, but there are buyers out there who have the time and money to do something cool with what you’re got. You can sell a broken car via most avenues through which you usually sell cars – you just have to make sure you, y’know, say in the description that it’s broken.  Car-Broke--The-Great_Depression
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