Is The Ford Mustang Too Difficult To Drift? Perhaps It Always Has Been
Video Eventually you will see a Ford Mustang crash or oversteer violently due to the owners not really understanding how to specifically to drift. This particular example is prime evidence of our developing theory, it happened at a drift event Greenville Pickens Speedway and just east of Easley, South Carolina, US of A. From the the sounds of it the Mustang owner appears to apply too much throttle and a little too much steering lock as the drift initiates mid-corner. However the owner/driver/idiot/embarrassed individual apply’s too much throttle mid corner as the Mustang drift begins. The result is snap oversteer, seems like he should have added a performance differential to cope with the extra power to what we believe is a tuned Mustang V8. Anyway, we’re trying to fill column spaces and really can’t think of much more to say other than its Friday, for us the weekend started already on Thursday.  Ford-Mustang-2017-Crash
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