La Ferrari Conceptualised As An Armed & Dangerous Post Apocalyptic Firing Squad

Remember Khyzyl Saleem? Let us remind you, he is a concept artist working within the games industry for EA, Ghost Games. In his spare time he likes to further hone his artistic skills by causally conceptualising yet another outlandish car-inspired concept.

This time Khyzyl has set his sights on the La Ferrari and this concept has gone all post-apocalyptic, Mad Mad, all guns blazing.

We reckon even in a post-apocalyptic world where civilisation has collapsed, Mad Max would need a fairly large cheque book.

The La Ferrari typically costs £1m, because it is a limited production hypercar it will only increase in value, and because it is a Ferrari it will increase in value even more.

And in a post apocalyptic age we would imagine the road network would be pretty much un-driveable for a La Ferrari, so our vehicle of choice would be a Land Rover.

If you want to experience a post-apocalyptic world today it already exists, it’s called Trump’s America 2017.

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