Masters of The Widebody Art, Liberty Walk, To Showcase McLaren 650S At LMS
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We’re not great fans of after-market mods we do prefer stock cars over customisation, but done well and the results can be better than standard production-spec cars. Liberty Walk are ( if you don’t already know) a well known Japanese tuning company that produce upgrade parts mainly for supercars.

It’s a niche market and Liberty Walk stands out for being the best in the aftermarket /car tuning / widebody market. That’s actually three niches.


The organisers of the 2017 London Motor Show are using the Liberty Walk McLaren 650S widebody as a fishing hook to lure in potential visitors.


It worked after we read the show organisers press release the Liberty Walk McLaren 650S caught our attention, it’s the art of the widebody and car tuning done to exceptionally high standards.


The McLaren 650S is inspired by the P1 GTR and while the 3.8-litre, 641bhp V8 twin-turbo remains unaltered, Liberty Walk has fitted a titanium FiExhaust which adds a few extra ponies.


If you want to see this widebody masterpiece then head on down to the London Motor Show on… wait we’re not going to inadvertently promote the exact details of the London Motor Show.

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