I Only Had One! Don’t Drink And Drive
The roads are a dangerous place. And, this is no secret. Thankfully, most drivers obey most of the very important rules. This prevent a lot of accidents, making things safer than they could be. But, this doesn’t make up for the small percentage of people who don’t think that the rules apply to them. One of the biggest and most important rules that people like to ignore is drinking and driving. A lot of people are caught over the legal limits for alcohol in their blood each year. And, the numbers are rising. So, to help you to avoid this crime, this post will be going through the process that you will have to deal with if you get caught doing it. For starters, it’s important to understand why these laws are in place. Alcohol is a mind-altering substance. This means that it has an effect on your brain’s chemistry, changing the way that it works. When it comes to alcohol; people find that their reaction times are slowed down, and they struggle to make good judgements. This results in drunk drivers causing millions of accidents worldwide. And, a significant number of them result in death. You should never even push the legal limit in your country. Going over once will open it up to become a habit. And, from there, it will only get harder to avoid driving while you’ve been drinking. When you get caught driving under the influence, you will usually stand to lose your licence. But, of course, this will depend on exactly how far over the limit you are. In a lot of cases, being just a smidge over the legal limit will result in a small fine. But, if it’s too far over you could be taken off the road. This sort of case will have to go to court. So, you’ll be responsible for paying the fees for these proceedings. And, you’ll also need the help of a good lawyer. You may be thinking, how do I find a DUI lawyer near me, who can represent me well? This will take some research. And, you may have to look into the track record of the options that you have available to you. The results of your court case will depend on the defence that you have. And, the degree of your crime. Usually, you will be taken off the road for a certain amount of time. In some places, this will mean having to take another driving test to get back onto the road when the ban is lifted. This will cost the same as it did the first time around. And, you will have to pay for all of it. Your insurance may not be able to cover you; if you have an accident while under the influence. So, you could be responsible for paying for the damage to other people’s cars too. Having to pay these bills will be very hard when you’re trying to get back onto the road as soon as you can. Hopefully, this will help you to understand the importance of never hitting the road with too much alcohol in your system. People that ignore these laws rarely get away with it for long. So, it’s important to make sure that you work hard to avoid it yourself.  Laurel-&-Hardy-Blotto-Laughing-Hard
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