Pimp My Ride! Stars With Cars Nearly As Glamorous As They Are
Pfft…yes, celebrities may have mansions next to the ocean, access to all the best parties and events, and thousands of die-hard fans to ensure they never have to feel unloved, but everyone knows the main draw of being rich and famous is, of course, the many great cars you’re able to buy. While some famous stars go for practicality (think: blacked out windows), some take it to a whole new level. Here’s a pick of some of the celebrities who have the kinds of cars most of us can only dream of…. David Beckham Stars-With-Cars-David-Beckham-Bentlely-Continental-GTC-V8 It’s no surprise that English athlete/model/all round celebrity drives the best English car money can buy. It has a 521bhp V8 twin-turbo engine, a top speed of 191mph, 8-speed GPS controlled automatic transmission and can reach 0-62mph in 4,5 seconds you know it as the Bentley Continental GTC. But that’s not why old Becks bought this two door vehicle; he bought it because it screams luxury at every single turn. And at some $250,000, that’s the least you can expect. But with a net worth of some $350 million, we’re pretty sure Beckham won’t have to worry about trading the car in any time soon…. Nicholas Cage Stars-With-Cars-Cage-Ferrari-Enzo Now, you know why you see Nicholas Cage in some many films? It’s because he’s a serial spender. Seriously, this guy burns through cash like it’s going out of fashion. Every now and again, though, he’ll buy something that just makes sense – and which makes up for all those less than stellar movies. His pride and joy is the 6.0 litre, V12 engine Ferrari Enzo, for which he paid $650,000. The Queen Stars-With-Cars-The-Queen-Jaguar-XJ The Queen of England can have whatever she wants, and what she wants is…a great car! Or many of them, rather – she has a collection of English classics worth $17 million, including a Daimler Phaeton that was built way back in 1900. And she knows how to ride in style: look at Absolute Reg registrations and try and find a reg that is as cool as hers, which is ‘A7’ (one of the first private registrations in the world). Try as you might, you’ll never be able to match her custom made Bentley collection though…. Jerry Seinfeld Stars-With-Cars-Sienfeld-Porsche-959 Anyone who’s seen ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ knows that Jerry is in to cool cars in a pretty big way. His car collection is worth $15 million and includes some of the rarest Porsche vehicles in the world, including the Porsche 959, which is about as rare as it gets – there are only 337 in the world. Maybe it’s time to get into comedy! Bugatti Veyron: Big Players Stars-With-Cars-Bugatti-Veyron Anyone who is really serious about cars knows it doesn’t get much better than the Bugatti, and specifically the Bugatti Veyron, the fastest street legal car in the world. Celebrities who you might see racing around the streets of LA in one of these multi million dollar vehicles include Simon Cowell, Flo Rida, and Lil Wayne. There goes your chance of getting an autograph…though looking at the list, maybe you’re more interested in getting a peak of the car rather than the celebrity.  Stars-With-Cars-Beckham-Bentley
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