Shmee150 Now Owns Two Aston Martins But He Desperately Needs To Invest In Decent Sunglasses
It doesn’t seem fair, I mean Shmee150 now owns a fleet of supercars, he recently added to his growing collection with not one but two Aston Martins. Shmee150’s car collection nudges into the £1m GBP bracket. As far as we can tell being a YouTube vlogger is Shmee150’s main job. And a very lucrative one at that. It’s great to see a success story getting more success and earning more money and buying more stuff and having more and more money rolling into his bank account. We’re not jealous we would like as easy a life as Shmee150 currently has, driving around in his fleet of Supercars, uploading the events onto YouTube and monetising the content. Shmee150 does at least have taste, it’s interesting one of the Aston’s he chose was a Vanquish and not the new DB11. We say he has taste because you can’t go wrong with an Aston Martin. But Shmee150, listen, buddy… PLEASE! get a decent set of sunglasses, preferably designer, not the £2.00 shades from Tesco’s petrol station. And Shmee150, buddy… make sure they fit yer’ face… God I think we’re turning into the twisted Daily Mail albeit with not the the millions of racists who read that junk. Yep.. we’re happy with our two regular readers and next door neighbours dog… next door neighbours dog is actually the second reader… sorry…  Shmee150-Bad-Sunglasses-dailycarblog
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