What To Do With The Motor After The Bender
So, you’ve been involved in a collision and the car has taken some damage. You want to get back on the road, but you have to ask yourself if it’s entirely worth doing it in the same car. The truth is there are a lot of factors at play, but there are three options you should be considering primarily. You should think about whether you should bite the bullet and repair it, recoup some losses and sell it, or even donate it from the good of your heart. Repair it? Your first thought might be to repair it and get it up on the road as soon as possible. Certainly, even if a car looks bad, a lot of good can be done with panel beaters to the point you might end up with a car that looks almost brand new again. Indeed, if it is a fairly new car then you should think about repairing it by all means. For one, it will have taken a steep drop in value after a collision even if it’s still in very good condition post-repairs. That’s just one of the odd little bugs in the depreciation system we use for cars. For that reason, it might make a lot more economical sense to take the repair bills (or pay for them through a claim) and keep the car. Sell it? If the is older, if you don’t want to take the hit on your insurance, or if it is on its last legs then you might want to look at selling it. Yes, it might have dropped in value a lot. But if you keep using it or keep it lying around, it’s just going to keep costing you through depreciation. If you send it to the scrap heap, however, you could be kissing a nice little boost to your finances goodbye. Crushers and mechanics are going to be some of the first consider selling it to. One will pay just to crush it, the other will pay for the working parts still in there. You should also consider those enthusiasts who love nothing more than a good passion project. If the car has some badge power, there will be those enthusiasts who would be glad to take the extravagant costs that it takes to get it up and running as best as possible again. To sell it to those ones, the car still needs to be in somewhat workable condition at least. Donate it? If no-one wants to buy it for a price worth the hassle and you don’t want to spend the amount of money necessary to fix it, then you might want to reconsider just junking the thing. You should, instead, take a look at the charities that will accept the car. If you’re donating a car, then it needs to be in somewhat good condition. But there are plenty of charities who will accept it and such a donation could do well for you come tax season. Charitable giving can lead to some serious concessions, after all. The answer you come to all depends on just how much damage has been done to the car, what your insurance or claim situation is, and how old the car is. You don’t always have to simply get rid of it, nor do you have to accept that you have to pay for repairs. The choice is yours.  Ferrari-La-Ferrari-Bender
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