Hamilton Hoping To Reverse Russian Revolution Started By Bottas
Formula One
By his own standards Lewis Hamilton floundered badly at the Russian Grand Prix finishing a distant 4th, so off the pace was he from his normal front running status it was as if he were in suspended animation. As team mate Bottas met the chequered flag Hamilton’s humiliation was complete. Hamilton was expected 2017 to be his dominion, he expected to rule team Mercedes with impunity because there is no Rosberg just Hamilton his natural speed and a trophy cabinet so full he could start his own minting press. Bottas was supposed to be a number two a ”driving miss Daisy” with Hamilton firmly seated as the undisputed no.1 purely because his reputation, competitive spirit and pure speed demand nothing less. Russia has cast fresh doubts with Hamilton trying pick himself out of the net he threw over Bottas. “It’s just making sure you take the right steps moving forwards.” said Hamilton in an interview ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix which kick starts the European leg of the F1 calendar. Hamilton says he got the setup wrong in Russia “The last race, there were just a lot of small things that led to it, no one thing bigger than another, that just led us in the wrong direction.” Hamilton couldn’t get the tyres to work, to warm up “We have a good understanding of where we went wrong on our side of the garage so we have grown from the experience”. Valtteri-Bottas-Kicks-Hamiltons-Ass Of team mate Bottas Hamilton said “It’s great to have a strong team-mate because it helps the team move forward in a good direction. I have to do a better job on more weekends than my team-mate and win the championship so it doesn’t really change anything”.  “The whole weekend (Russia) I generally wasn’t in the right window,” continued Hamilton. By contrast Bottas is in bullish mood, boosted by the confidence of claiming his first win, in addition to beating his much more highly rated multi-championship wining team mate. Bottas said he wasn’t concentrating on Hamilton just talking each race as it comes with the focus of wining every race. Hamilton seems not only to looking over his shoulder but also seems to be coming to terms that he was beaten by a driver he privately considers inferior. Spain will see if Bottas will continue to serve humble pie to Hamilton or whether Hamilton’s mysterious lack of form in Russia was just one of those one-off races every driver has during a busy season.  Lewis-Hamilton-Humiliation
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