Jackie Stewart Backs Sebastian Vettel As Hamilton’s Motivation Is Called Into Question
Formula One
Jackie Stewart was the Michael Schumacher of his era in the 60’s and early 70’s wining three F1 titles and setting records that wouldn’t be broken until Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost dominated the sport in the mid to late 80’s and early 1990’s. Stewart is articulate and not afraid to give well considered judgements after all he is one of the greatest F1 drivers. However that stability of mind was absent when he labelled Lewis Hamilton a “little Ballerina” at the conclusion of last years championship. Stewart blasted Hamilton for holding up then team mate Nico Rosberg at the last race of the season, Hamilton had a mathematical but outside chance to win the championship. So far this year Ferrari have raised their level of competitiveness and are now slightly faster than Mercedes. Hamilton is seemingly having trouble setting up his Mercedes which has cost him position and points. Six races in and it seems as if setting up the Mercedes is becoming a lottery for Hamilton. As a result Hamilton has suffered a dip in performance at two races, in Monaco it seemed as if he had gone AWOL. Ferrari have been more consistent and in the hands of Sebastian Vettel deadly focused to a point where Vettel now enjoys a 25 point lead over Hamilton. During an interview Stewart said “It will be difficult for Lewis to turn it around because Vettel is so hungry to succeed again. Sebastian has more experience and is calmer than Lewis.” Hamilton’s recent form has been blamed on a lack of focus, critics point out that Hamilton’s jet set lifestyle is creating a problem. However Mercedes team boss countered these theories during a recent interview “Lewis is not a problem but rather a positive influence, and I see him wanting it more than he did last year.” Wolff did point out that Vettel has a strong work ethic who is “meticulous” and that Hamilton “relies more on his instinct.”   Lewis-Hamilton-Racist-Jackie-Stewart
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