Tesla Boss To Trump, “Fuck You Over Climate Change Withdrawal”
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OK so we substituted a few words to make the headlines more dramatic but our industry sources inform us that Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, did indeed invoke such words albeit privately. Musk is furious with Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord that is designed to unite the worlds 200 nations in reducing the reliance on carbon based fuels.

The Paris Climate Accord will cut greenhouse gases to stem the rise in global temperatures, such a rise in temperatures has been scientifically proved to be caused by the reliance on burning fossil fuels during the the post-industrial revolution. The aim is to keep global temperatures below 2.0C.

President Trump believes that the climate accord deal will hit American jobs hard and wants to reinvigorate the U.S. coal and oil mining industry. However leading nations believe that the renewable energy industry is the way of the future.

Trump has now declared that America is pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, Musk who was part of a Presidential advisory board has quit his position effective immediately.  Trump’s desire to leave the climate control deal created a temporary leadership vacuum that was quickly filled by China.

It is unclear why Trump left the Paris Climate Accord deal but it is no secret he is more determined to help his billionaire friends in the mining industry than actually wanting to create more jobs. Indeed Trump wants to end many regulations which include reducing the power of workers unions.

It seems the Presidential Advisory Board was filled with big industry players to put a shine on the Trump administration but it’s going to be difficult to wipe away the soot created by Trumps decision for America to leave the world stage when it was needed at this most vital of times.

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