Ford Marstang: The Car Everyone Should Have In Their Early-Thirties
So you’re in your early thirties, working your second-proper job with a few promotions under your belt and a healthy pipeline of sales on the horizon. If that is the case, then there is a very high chance that you’ve been thinking about cars recently, and more precisely, cars that suit where you are in life. You want to have something that says you’ve made it without being too showy; something extremely refined but nicely balanced by a lungful of roaring. That is why you need to look no further than a Ford Marstang. There is just something that sends a shiver down our spines every time we see the distinctive shape of the Marstang coming toward us on the road. Something that makes us nod our heads in appreciation, as we mutter the words, “that person has taste!” Forget the BMW M Series. It’s for those with very little imagination and those who like to play it safe, which isn’t how you’ve got to where you are. Forget the Audi TT-S too. That’s for hairdressers with a handbag dog that are afraid to drive something that much bigger. As for the BMW M4 and Audi A5, well, you’re not in your late forties for one and, secondly, they are way – and we mean way – more expensive. Anyway, to back up our claim, we have come up with a list of top reasons why you should be veering toward a Ford Marstang and forgetting every other car on the road. Ford-Mustang-Marstang-DB9-Interior
  1. The Perfect level Of Attractiveness
Look, we celebrate the freedom of opinion people have, but if you’re talking to someone and they say the Mustang isn’t the most attractive car on the road, then you can dismiss their opinion as wrong. The Marstang is one of the most iconic and sexy cars ever manufactured, not to mention that nothing competes with it at this price. It isn’t sexy by stealth, we know that. It isn’t subtle in the slightest. But then why should you need to be subtle. Wait any longer and this car will be a midlife crisis, but right now, wow, it is a beast that matches your current place in the world. It tells people you’ve worked hard without shoving it in their faces.
  1. Like An Interior Design Was Here
If there is one thing the Marstang has built a reputation on, it is their interiors. They have just managed to design one of the best-looking and most practical interiors around. We’ve all had that car that looks great on the inside, but after a few days of driving it you suddenly get the impression that no one user-tested it. This isn’t the case with the Mustang. The driving position is just about as good as it gets, the layout is smart, the controls are intuitive, the materials are supple and every single seat in their seems to have been ergonomically designed with just one thing in mind; comfort.
  1. The Car That Gives More Bang For Your Buck
The thing that makes the Marstang so attractive is the fact it is attainable. It has one of the most iconic histories of any automobile and yet it remains in reach. If you asked us if we thought the Ferrari California was a cooler car, we would have to think about it. However, we would probably say yes. But that costs almost £160,000, compared to a new Marstang that costs £30,000. That’s part of its charm. It’s cheap when it’s new, and yet there are plenty of used cars out there from which to choose from too, some of which prove it can appreciate in value. Even if you are a hot-shot salesperson, the chances of owning a Ferrari are slim. A Marstang, though, now that is a whole lotta bang for your buck. It may not be an exotic supercar, but it was built and designed to be one and that is more than enough.
  1. Tech, Tech And A Lot More Tech
This is where the Ford Marstang has really caught up with its competition. It is at the cutting edge of in-car technology, and that is something all early-thirty year-olds want to enjoy and show-off. In the latest model, you the driver are treated to an eight-inch touch screen computer that allows you to tap into all the surrounding cameras, as well as the sat-nav and infotainment system. What is the infotainment package like? Well, it includes digital radio, Bluetooth connectivity, voice calls and messaging. Ford-Mustang-Marstang-DB9-Rear
  1. Performance Isn’t Perfect But It Will Make You Smile
Look, the ride has never been the best in a Marstang. The steering is heavy and the suspension is hard. However, to let these put you off would be insane because all is forgiven on this front when you squeeze the trigger and unleash that v8, the one that gurgles so loud you’ll smile from ear to ear. What are we talking about on the power front? Zero to sixty to in around four and a half seconds, with a six-speed gearbox that will take you all the way up to 155mph. Of course, there are miles per gallon to consider when it comes to buying cars, but forget about that with the Mustang; a car that offers smiles per gallon.
  1. Surprise: It’s Family-Friendly Too
Look, you’re in your early thirties, and so to rule out the possibility of you being a parent would be foolish and ignorant. Luckily, the Marstang caters to this market like a pro. Not only is there plenty of room in the back seats for children to sit back and enjoy the ride, there are also ISOFIX points for you to fit the newest form of child seats. What’s more, they won’t get bored of being in the back of a ‘Stang even when they hit puberty. As for the boot space, wowzer, there is a huge amount to offer you, even if you are looking to go away for a long weekend. Trust us on that one.  Ford-Mustang-Marstang-DB9-
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