4 Reasons The Number of Road Accidents Have Been Increasing
Over a million people lost lives due to distracted driving last year. The number of such cases is on a constant rise, which is a concern for many. In addition to deaths, such accidents can also cause serious injuries. According to reports, over two million Americans get injured due to road accidents every year. Today we will discuss this issue and find out why there are so many crashes. Let’s look at four reasons why the number of road accidents is on a constant rise throughout the country: Drunk Driving The NHTSA has reported that over 35,092 people died in road accidents in 2015 in the U.S and an estimated 10,265 people were killed due to drunk driving. From these figures, we can easily judge how harmful it can be to drive under the influence, not just to the driver but to those around as well. Moreover, it has been reported that for every 100 thousand Americans aged under 21, over 1.2 people have been killed in drunk driving fatalities during the year 2015. Taking this into account, it is crucial that more severe laws be put in place against DUIs. While the authorities are doing their duty in keeping the numbers low, it is also our responsibility as citizens to avoid driving when we are under the influence. Poor Quality of Roads It is not always the driver who is at fault but often the ones responsible for the construction and preservation of the roads we drive our cars on. It has been reported that in an 18 month study conducted by The Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, information from the NHTSA was examined which leads us to believe those road problems such as potholes, slick roads, and chipped road surfaces cause more than 42,000 deaths in a year. Poor Quality of Cars Cars are machines after all and they keep malfunctioning, however, we must make sure to keep them in a good condition. It is our duty as drivers to keep track of our vehicles and the state they are in. It all may look good from the outside but what truly counts is the heart of the vehicle, the engine and the parts which are responsible for the car functioning at 100 percent. It has been reported by the U.S Department of Transportation Bureau that due to the poor quality of cars on the road, there have been over 6,159,000 auto accidents in 2005. Out of these accidents, 2.7 million resulted in personal injury cases and 43,443 were fatal. Therefore, be sure to make it make sure that your motor vehicle is always in mint condition. A lot of these fatal accidents involve trucks, which is why pittsburgh semi truck accident lawyer are hugely in demand. Underaged Drivers A lot of accidents occur due to underaged drivers, which is one of the reasons why a huge number of victims are also teenagers.In 2013 there were over 2,524 motor vehicle related deaths among the ages 15 to 20. In 2012 there were over 2,228 motor vehicle related deaths among teens. The main reason due to which there are so many accidents among teenagers is because of distracted driving. Moreover ,it was found that in these accidents, teenagers were either driving under the influence or were distracted in some way while driving. Also, teens are known to be careless with their driving by not wearing a seatbelt and being negligent about their surroundings. We must all take steps to prevent these accidents from happening. They do not only cause us financial losses but also result in injuries and deaths.  Stupid-Drivers-Dailycarblog
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