Lewis Hamilton, Note To Self, Don’t Give Away Points To Make Mercedes Look Good
Formula One
The likely hood of Lewis Hamilton reading this blog is about as probable as our two daily readers (next door neighbors cat and the stray dog) becoming astronauts. But Lewis if you are reading this we have some advice, don’t repeat the mistake of Hungary ever again. Don’t appease your peers ( notably Sir Jerk Stewart ) and don’t think about tomorrows headlines being positively in your favour. And never think about putting Mercedes above your own championship title. The F1 championship is tough at the easiest most dominant of times, however, this is business for Mercedes and a mix of glory and business for you. Mercedes want to project an image to the world of being family friendly, responsible, venerable like all global corporations for sure. Sorry to bring up old history but Mercedes was a prominent, anti-Semitic flag waving supporter of the Nazi party before it swept into power. And once the Nazi party gained power Mercedes made good use of concentration camp labor in addition to forced labor to build munitions for Hitler. After WWII Mercedes did pay its way out of trouble by compensating victims yet the company continued to employ top Nazi’s well into the mid to late 70’s. Hardly family friendly right? OK, so we can’t forever bash the German’s and therefore Mercedes for past crimes committed. The future generation has cleared up the mess left behind by the cultural superiority of the west as it was understood in the early 20th Century. However, recently, we have heard that the holy trinity of German car manufacturers has colluded for decades in anti competitive activities by forming a cartel, Illegal under EU laws. Lengthy trials await as do heavy penalties and fines. So what do cartels do?  they price fix by maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition. That means you, the consumer, pay inflated prices to benefit high earning executives at Mercedes, VW and BMW. Hardly family friendly stuff right? So when Lewis Hamilton surrenders 3 vital championship points in Hungary because of a gentleman’s agreement between the team and his team mate remember the above, this is purely business for Mercedes and a losing one at that. Through this gentleman’s agreement, Mercedes want to project an image of harmony and benevolence, a company that is prepared to sacrifice everything for sportsmanship conduct. It’s just bullshit, all of it. Lewis, if you are reading this, be more selfish – like you used to be – don’t bother about feeding journalists with positive headlines, just go out and win and if you break a gentleman’s agreement remember one thing. If written agreements can be broken so can unwritten gentleman’s agreements that put you at a disadvantage and ask yourself this question, would Bottas have done the same when the prize was a podium and points advantage over you while you, the championship leader loses out? Some how I don’t think so.  Lewis-Hamilton-Likes-Dailycarblog
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